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2020 February – Programme Council meeting of the 6th Cash Service Congress

The Council’s objective is to prepare proposals to improve the cash flow.

The Council’s tasks are 

  • analysis of the cash trade in Poland and analysis of legal regulations in this area; 
  • to provide opinions on draft plans prepared by the Issue and Payroll Department, which define strategic directions for the development of the cash flow; 
  • recommending proposals for actions aimed in particular: 

a) minimising the systemic risk of the cash trade, 

b) to improve and enhance the security of the cash flow; 

  • giving its opinion on projects prepared by the Issue and Payroll Department for the organisation of cash processes, ensuring universal access to cash in a full nominal structure and of appropriate quality; 
  • preparing proposals for actions aimed at integrating the functioning of the cash market; 
  • presenting opinions or recommendations concerning: 

a) functioning of the cash market in Poland, 

b) matters indicated by the NBP Board.


Representatives of the management of CHL Holding Sp. z o.o. are permanent members of the Board.


2020 February – Programme Council meeting of the 6th Cash Service Congress. President of the Management Board Patryk Mazurkiewicz is a substantive consultant of the said Council and companies of CHL Holding Sp. z o.o. capital group are exhibitors and active participants of the Congresses.

Cash Service Congress (KOG) – is an open platform for discussion between the main participants of the cash value logistics market and technology suppliers, an opportunity to present the expectations of individual market participants, creating new solutions facilitating work with cash, it is also an attempt to answer how cash service will look like in Poland. 

In 2020 it will be the 6th edition of the Congress