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What is Intelligent Safe Service?

Although the popularity of non-cash transactions increases every year, it does not mean that every customer pays for purchases with a card or smartphone. Still many buyers use cash. No wonder that the demand for money escort services is still high. However, in order for the transport to go smoothly, the company dealing with it should meet certain standards. What standards?

Cash handling – how to choose a reliable partner?

Convoying money is a risky endeavor, especially when it comes to a large amount. In such a situation, it is not worth making compromises and transporting cash yourself. It will be an easy prey for thieves. Even a few thousand may turn out to be a real treat for them. So it is better to opt for the help of specialists who will ensure proper transport and effective protection. There is no shortage of companies providing cash handling services. But how do you choose the right entity?

First of all, it is necessary to check the credibility of the entity. In addition to verifying whether the company is listed in the National Court Register, it is also worth getting acquainted with the opinions circulating about it on the web. This will allow you to determine if the company is fulfilling its obligations well.

Experience in the cash handling industry is also an important issue. The longer a given company has been in the market, the more likely it is to meet customer expectations. In addition, the company should have qualified staff as well as professional vehicles that are adapted to the transport of cash and valuable items.

Intelligent Safe Service – what is it?

In the case of entities from the cash handling sector, it is important to provide comprehensive services. It definitely speeds up the process of transferring cash and has a positive effect on its security. A reliable company will take care not only of transporting and protecting money, but also its conversion, verification of authenticity, sorting banknotes and finally their recording in the recipient’s devices.

A reliable company dealing with escorting money will also not avoid innovative solutions. One of them are Intelligent Safe Service deposit machines. They are fully safe and easy to use multifunctional devices, designed with business in mind. Thanks to the use of Intelligent Safe Service, all activities related to the circulation of cash in the system are automated. This streamlines the process of transferring money and ensures that it is always under control.

Intelligent Safe Service is much more than innovative CDMs ensuring the security of cash storage. As part of the service, the company not only supplies, installs and maintains devices, but also configures them, taking into account the customer’s needs (hardware and software). It also provides the required SLA for FLM and SLM. The basic advantage of the hardware is the wide possibilities of adjusting the software to individual requirements.

Thanks to the graphic touch interface, the operation of Intelligent Safe Service devices is intuitive and does not cause any problems for the user. It also does not require training. The modern software used allows not only multi-level settlement of payers, but also smooth communication with peripheral devices.

The use of Intelligent Safe Service cash deposit machines increases the efficiency of the money transfer process and reduces costs. These devices are perfect wherever customers pay in cash. They facilitate the time-consuming billing process. Intelligent Safe Service cash deposit machines are also equipped with ergonomic banknote feeders, capacious cassettes, as well as an efficient printing mechanism.

The safety of money is ensured by a durable and resistant to mechanical damage casing (I security class according to the certificate of the Institute of Precision Mechanics), a well-thought-out structure in which the service part is separated from the safe, and an innovative lock with one-time dynamic codes. These are practical CDMs that streamline the settlement process, and cash guarantees optimal protection.