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The NBP flooded Poland with cash. There are mainly high denominations

The National Bank of Poland flooded the market with high-denomination notes. As a result, the value of cash in circulation is almost twice as high as 5 years ago.

Nearly two months after the end of the second quarter, the National Bank of Poland presented data on the number of notes and coins in circulation at the end of this period. Official statistics leave no doubt – a record number of new banknotes has hit the Polish market. Importantly, they were mainly banknotes of the highest denominations.

The most, as much as 82.4 percent. compared to last year, the number of 500 zloty banknotes increased. Compared to the first quarter of this year, 22 percent of them increased. Despite these increases, the total value of five hundred is still “only” PLN 15.6 billion. For comparison, the value of all PLN 100 banknotes in circulation is PLN 161.9 billion, and the value of PLN 200 banknotes is PLN 98.3 billion.